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Nautor Swan Yachts for Sale

Founded in Finland in 1966 and based in Jakobstad, Nautor Swan yachts focus has always been on quality in both the design and build of its luxury sailing superyachts. Initially working with the American designers Sparkman and Stephens it has now built over 2000 yachts, which are highly sought after and admired by sailing purists. In 1998 a group of Italian investors led by Leonardo Ferragamo took over Nautor Swan and have continued to take it on to new heights. Through technology and innovation Nautor Swan has firmly secured its place at the forefront of the international sailing world.


Why Buy A Nautor Swan Yacht

Nautor Swan yachts has historically enjoyed a vast amount of success on the regatta racing circuit. In 1968 they had a 100% winning record in the seven regattas entered at Cowes week and in 1973/1974 a Swan 65, one of Nautor Swan classic boats and the largest fiberglass yacht of its time, won the first Whitbread Race. This success continues as to this day the company has remained true to its philosophies, adopting new materials and technologies to improve the performance of their yachts without compromising on luxury, quality or comfort. With nearly 50 years of experience, Nautor Swan is one of the most respected names in the field of sailing yacht builders. As well as building the yard also offers refit and repair services to Owners of Swan yachts.

Featured Yachts by Nautor Swan

The durability and craftsmanship of their yachts is emphasised by the fact that the first Nautor Swan yacht ever built, TARANTELLA, is kept in pristine condition and still races locally. Performance and safety are high up on the list of characteristic attributes of a Nautor Swan yacht, without compromising comfort, luxury and style. Fine examples of craftsmanship, 35m SOLLEONE,34m MYSTERY and 26m DREAMLAND are all currently for sale with Fraser. All three  feature exterior design from the highly regarded German Frers and offer exceptional sailing performance.