Nobiskrug has been a pioneering force in yacht-building since before the era of the superyacht began. With routes dating back over 115 years, Nobiskrug's journey into yacht-building began in 2000 with the completion of 92M/301’ TATOOSH. This inaugural project not only positioned it on the global stage but also set new trends in the production of superyachts worldwide. With TATOOSH, Nobiskrug demonstrated its ability to blend its extensive experience with the luxury and innovation demanded in modern yacht design.


About Nobiskrug

Since the launch of TATOOSH, Nobiskrug has been responsible for the creation of over 800 vessels and numerous conversions. It has crafted a select portfolio of custom-built superyachts, each reflecting the shipyard's deep commitment to every project it undertakes. This bespoke approach ensures that every Nobiskrug superyacht is designed to last for generations, a testament to the company's devotion to quality and longevity.


Operating from two facilities in northern Germany, Nobiskrug is deeply rooted in the shipbuilding tradition that characterises the region. The yard can undertake projects of virtually any scale, ensuring that each yacht is an embodiment of exceptional engineering and design.


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Custom Yachts by Nobiskrug

Nobiskrug has become synonymous with bold, custom-built superyachts that redefine the boundaries of design and technological advancement. All Nobiskrug yachts reflect the shipyard's desire to exceed the limits of imagination and set new benchmarks in the industry. The Nobiskrug shipyard takes credit for some of the most recognisable vessels on the water.

Notable Yachts by Nobiskrug

143m/469’ SAILING YACHT A is an innovative yacht that exemplifies the Owner's ambition to challenge conventional industry norms and showcase Nobiskrug's ability to realise visionary projects.


Nobiskrug maintains a strong commitment to sustainability. The shipyard actively embraces reforms in emissions and pollutant legislation, viewing these advancements as crucial steps towards a cleaner and more sustainable future. This environmental consciousness is evident in Nobiskrug’s innovative projects, such as the hybrid superyacht 80M/262‘ ARTEFACT. With its high-tech, eco-friendly design, ARTEFACT solidifies Nobiskrug's status as a trailblazer in creating yachts that are both striking and marvels of engineering.


Why Buy a Nobiskrug brokerage Yacht

Nobiskrug yachts for sale are celebrated throughout the yachting industry for their high quality. Far from mass-producing superyachts for quick production, the Nobiskrug shipyard works closely with the buyer to ensure each project is bespoke and will last for generations to come. With a heritage that dates back to 1905, Nobiskrug builds ‘German superyachts for the 22nd century’ and views the construction of German luxury yachts as being an art form.


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