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The story of Riva Yachts began in Sarnico when, after a fierce storm, Pietro Riva, a skilled carpenter, began to fix the damaged boats in the harbour. Pietro then opened a shipyard in Sarnico where the very first Riva creations were built. Riva Yachts became wellknown in the shipping industry and continued to become successful even after Pietro’s son, Ernesto, took over the management of the company. He significantly raised the quality and fame of the Riva brand. Over the 1920s and 30s, the Riva family broke a number of records with its motorboats and speedboats in national and international competitions.

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Carlo Riva took over in the 1950s and directed the company towards pleasure boating. The Riva brand was already known for their yachts’ elegance, style and beauty, however the company still continued to strive for perfection. Popular with royalty, as well as with many A-listers, Riva continues to uphold its image of elegance and luxury. In May 2000, Riva joined the Ferretti Group, one of the world’s leading best Italian yachts groups. After merging technology, design and facilities, Riva Yachts reinvented a contemporary and modern style which is considered to be true masterpieces.

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Known for their characteristic Italian style, Riva luxury Italian yachts are among the most elegant on offer and are guaranteed to turn heads wherever they go.

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30m (ft)
10 in 5 cabins