Westport Yachts for Sale

Founded in 1964, brothers Rick and Randy Rust began Westport Yachts by building commercial salmon-fishing boats in the North Pacific. The changing economy however soon encouraged Westport Yachts to diversify and move into building luxury American yachts.

Westport Yachts was one of the first companies to use labour and cost saving innovations in terms of modular construction. Allowing the boat to be built with fewer seams and in a quicker turnaround, it also meant that this method allowed multiple yachts to be in production at separate locations.

Why Buy a Westport yacht

Westport Yachts is currently one of the largest producers of 29m/95' to 40m/130' fiberglass yachts. Advanced composite technologies and materials are used to achieve a consistently high, world-class standard of large yacht construction and finish. Their reliability in producing good quality parts and materials allowed Westport to become one of the world’s leaders amongst mega yacht brands.

Westport yachts for sale

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Westport, yachts for sale
34m (112ft)
1999 / 2014 (refitted)
8 in 4 cabins