Founded in 1964, Westport Yachts has undergone a remarkable evolution over the past six decades, transitioning from constructing commercial salmon-fishing boats to crafting high-quality luxury yachts. The company has pioneered the innovative use of modular construction techniques, establishing a distinct benchmark in the yachting industry. 


Established by brothers Rick and Randy Rust in 1960s, Westport Yachts began its journey in the North Pacific, building commercial salmon-fishing boats. As the economy shifted, the company diversified into luxury yacht construction, making a significant mark in the American yachting industry. 


Westport's pioneering use of modular construction allowed for a more efficient building process with fewer seams, enabling simultaneous production across different locations. This innovation significantly shortened turnaround times, leading to Westport's rapid growth and solid reputation. 


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Westport Yachts is renowned for its use of advanced composite technologies and materials in the construction of large fiberglass yachts. This approach ensures a high standard of construction and finish, with sizes ranging from 29M/95' to 40M/130'. The company's modular construction method allows it to create semi-custom yachts built to the highest quality standards. 

Westport Yachts offers a diverse range of models, each tailored to different customer preferences and needs. The Westport 125 is a standout model known for its versatility and luxurious appointments. It features spacious interiors with elegant finishes and ample accommodations for guests, making it ideal for cruising and entertaining. Moreover, its moderate size allows for a combination of comfort and manoeuvrability. 


In addition to the Westport 125, the Westport 112 is also renowned for its timeless design and exceptional performance. With luxurious accommodations and state-of-the-art amenities, it provides an unmatched cruising experience for Owners and their guests. 


For those seeking a larger yacht, the Westport 130 is an excellent choice. This model boasts expansive outdoor areas, luxurious staterooms, and a full-beam Owner’s Stateroom, offering unparalleled comfort and relaxation on the water. Its refined design and impressive performance make it a popular choice among discerning Owners. 


At the top end of the spectrum, the Westport 164 represents the flagship of the fleet. As the largest model, it offers extensive deck spaces, luxurious interiors, and features typically found on larger superyachts, such as a sundeck with a Jacuzzi, a beach club, and ample storage for tenders and water toys. Its unparalleled size and sophisticated design make it a standout option for those seeking the ultimate luxury yachting experience. 


Westport Yachts has a solid reputation for building high-quality fiberglass yachts using advanced composite technologies. Their modular construction approach allows for consistent quality and reliability in every yacht produced. Westport's commitment to innovation and efficiency has made it one of the leading mega yacht brands worldwide. For those seeking a brokerage yacht, Westport's attention to detail and high standards make it an attractive choice. 


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Westport, yachts for sale
34m (ft)
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