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Eco Friendly Yachts For Sale

As the marine industry becomes ever more conscious of reducing its carbon footprint and protecting our planet for future generations, Fraser has seen a boost in the popularity of eco friendly yachts. Sustainability may not typically be at the forefront of a superyacht’s credentials, but as owners’ views change, shipbuilders race to accommodate their new preferences, and we have seen this exemplified with the green yachts trend.

"I think today a green lifestyle is important for everyone. For almost everyone who enjoys quality time at sea, the whole reward is being part of nature, escaping from the material, seeing the world from a whole new perspective. That reward goes hand-in-hand with taking responsibility to all play our part in protecting that very environment.” — Mark Duncan, Fraser's Director of Marketing.

What can eco friendly yachts offer?

Sailing yachts have always been the typical choice for the eco-conscious but now, with the introduction of hybrid propulsion engines that combine battery and fuel to lower the vessel’s impact, motor yachts are also an option for the discerning buyer. Make sure to speak with your broker when deciding upon your next purchase, to see if the yacht comes with an Environmental Management Plan, a manual that outlines how to operate the yacht in the most eco-friendly way.

Today’s sustainable yachts are cleverly configured, meaning that none of the traditional superyacht luxuries are compromised. Design materials such as teak and animal skins may be replaced by earth-friendly alternatives that provide just as much comfort. And outside, deck space can be converted into an onboard garden that not only provides a peaceful place to appreciate nature, but also offers the opportunity for your chef to cultivate organic herbs, spices and produce to be used whilst onboard.

At Fraser, our teams have ongoing conversations with Captains and crew in our management fleet about increasing sustainability awareness on board. We have created guides and tips for crew, including information on reducing single-use plastic by switching bottles for filter tap water and choosing cleaning products that don’t harm the planet. Many of our yachts are also now starting to carbon-offset their bunkers.

If you would like to discuss buying a green yacht, please get in touch with one of Fraser’s expert brokers.
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