Alberto Pinto

About Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto is a renowned luxury designer within the yachting industry. His styling ranges from baroque to less than bare, which is mainly influenced by his childhood. Having built his own agency as a photographer in New York, Alberto started to acquire his passion for yacht design, and developed a palette for a variety of colours and volumes.

Alberto Pinto is known to have been a challenge seeker, after designing hotels and large spaces, he decided to move on to designing yachts and private jets. His ‘Haute Interior Design’ is unique and highly sought after.

Alberto Pinto himself passed away in 2012, and since then his agency, Alberto Pinto Design, has been led by Linda Pinto, his business partner and comprises 80 staff.

Why Choose Alberto Pinto

Alberto Pinto has won several design awards for his superyacht interior designs and the agency works with many illustrious clients from all over the world.  Linda Pinto continues her brother’s legacy of passion, creativity and eclecticism, heading up the design team who ensure that each client’s vision and brief is developed to the highest standard. An example of Alberto Pinto’s work can be seen in the iconic and imposing OKTO, which is a distinctive yacht with unrivalled presence. The agency designed the interior which is sophisticated, elegant and striking.

Alberto Pinto Yachts for Sale

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