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Charters on explorer yachts have been one of the fastest growing trends of late, with more luxury superyachts sailing the seven seas. A Fraser charter broker will guide you through the exciting choices available, from kayaking past calving glaciers and onto black-sand beaches in Antarctica to swimming with inquisitive sea lions and mysterious whale sharks in the Galapagos. These are the expedition yacht charters that dreams are made of.
Yacht Charter destinations that are "off the beaten track" are not visited for the traditional reasons of relaxing in the sunshine or visiting local coastal towns. Yacht charters to these regions are purely about visiting the little explored and more unusual regions of this planet and the beautiful unspoilt wildlife they have to offer.

The Galapagos has a cool and dry season and a wet and warm season so the best time to visit should be based on what you want to see, although with such a variety of marine, animal and bird life there is nearly always a spectacle from mother nature to marvel at whatever time of year you visit.

Whilst Antarctica will naturally be cold whenever you choose to visit, cruising in the region is generally best undertaken between December and March where you can experience up to 20hrs of sunlight a day, watch penguin chicks and also have a stronger chance of whale sightings.
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Regions in Off the beaten track
There was a time when you could only dream of going on a Antarctica yacht charter. Either the vessels venturing to the polar region were privately owned, or they were small cruise ships that did not offer the level of luxury you would expect from a superyacht. Today, however, Antarctica yacht charter is becoming increasingly popular as a yacht charter destination. Visit the penguin rockeries and volcanic moonscapes, kayak past the bright blue glaciers while huge lumps of ice the size of skyscrapers calve off the side, or venture below the water’s surface in a submarine to see huge jellyfish drifting through the dark, icy waters.
12 Days - Antarctica yacht charter itinerary
Volcanic ranges, uniquely evolved animal species and a sense of discovery permeate any Galapagos Islands yacht charter. This archipelago of 21 islands in the heart of the Pacific Ocean is a nature-lover’s dreamland. First made famous by Charles Darwin’s visit in the 19th century, much of the archipelago is now protected land and sea area. With only 25,000 inhabitants, this is an adventurous charter that is befitting a luxury explorer yacht.
7 Days - Galapagos yacht charter itinerary
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