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Galapagos Islands yacht charter

The Galapagos Islands is a place like nowhere else on Earth and a tour of the volcanic islands by yacht charter is the only way to see them in pure luxury. Both on the water and land you will find unique creatures to astonish and delight.

The Ecuadorian archipelago of the Galapagos is like the land that time forgot. The strictly protected reserve has been left to flourish without human interference, and dozens of fascinating creatures have colonised both ashore and in the sea. Hike along the hardened lava formations to inland lagoons, walk right up to sea mammals and gaze in wonder at the dozens of unique birds. Repeatedly voted the best diving spot to swim with large animals, here you can find yourself peering down at whale sharks, sea lions, huge schools of fish and hammerhead sharks.

There are strict rules about chartering in the Galapagos so some of the yachts listed on this page may be able to cruise the area but not able to visit the islands directly. However your charter broker will be able to assist with organising tours on a licensed boat.

"Snorkel off Kicker-Rock where you'll see manta rays, sea turtles, puffer fish, parrotfish and sharks."
Melanie Burke
Charter Broker, Fort Lauderdale
A female snorkeller follows a sea turtle underwater from an nature yacht charter in the Galapagos
Get up close
Because the wildlife of the Galapagos has not been overexposed to human contact, many of the species remain inquisitive and friendly. On Mosquera Island you can get up close to the sea lions, while a visit to the shallow waters of Black Turtle Cove marine sanctuary provides encounters with sea turtles, golden rays, eagle rays and baby sharks. Many of the islands’ volcanic rocks are covered in dozens of unique marine iguanas basking on the warm black rocks before they dive into the water to cool off.

Dragon Hill

Flamingos, land birds and prehistoric-looking land iguanas - who lend their name to the site - can be found on a three-kilometre hike around this small peak through the dry-zone vegetation. Take a walk with your binoculars and you will not be disappointed.
Bird Watcher's Paradise

Over 180 species of bird have been recorded within the Galapagos, and many of these are unique to the islands because of their evolutionary isolation. This makes the archipelago a bird enthusiast’s paradise. While touring the islands on your Galapagos yacht charter, you can typically expect to see numerous variants of Darwin’s finches, Galapagos mockingbirds, flamingoes, Galapagos penguins, blue footed boobies and the distinctive frigate bird with its balloon-like inflatable red gullet.

An exotic bird with a red chest is spotten amonst grass and sticks on the Galapagos Islands
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