30 January 2018

The Charities Changing Yachting in 2018

In recent years, the yachting industry has awoken to the necessary demand for, and opportunity to impact on, charitable causes. Independent charities, Owners, Captains, and yacht brokerages all over the world are mobilising to undertake impressive aid efforts, changing the face of the yachting industry to one of mindfulness and purpose. Nowadays, steps are being taken to protect the environment in increasing measures and the seafaring community has become more giving and more united in its altruistic endeavours than ever before.

This movement has not come about overnight, of course. Many individuals and charities have been working tirelessly to engender change for years, with events such as Cogs4Cancer and the much-loved Pinmar Golf tournament exemplifying just some of the impactful events that are being organised within the yachting community to raise money for good causes. But the charitable movement within yachting seems to be gaining even more momentum at present, spurred in part perhaps by the terrible damage left by the 2017 hurricane season and the increasing threat of plastic pollution to our marine ecosystems.

The yachting industry is growing and with this growth comes the galvanisation of a powerful force for good in the world. With a responsibility as the world’s leading yacht brokerage, Fraser is proud to be at the forefront of this charge, assisting with the hurricane rebuilding effort in the Caribbean and also making two charitable partnerships in 2017 to help combat the threat of plastic pollution to the world’s oceans.

Partnerships to Save the Oceans

As part of the brokerage’s future-focused 70th-anniversary celebrations, Fraser entered into a collaboration with Plastic Oceans – a not-for-profit organisation that aims to change the way humans think about and use plastic products. Pledging total support for the campaign, the Fraser employees are acting as global ambassadors for Plastic Oceans, while helping to train yacht crew, Owners and charterers to minimise the usage of disposable plastic on yachts.

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Dovetailing neatly with the Plastic Oceans enterprise, Fraser has also partnered with CanO Water, a sleek and stylish drinking water that comes in a stylish aluminium can. Resealable and totally recyclable, CanO Water presents the ideal solution for yachts wanting to reduce their plastic water bottle consumption.

charities changing yachting 2018

The Yachting Industry Helps to Rebuild the Caribbean

The global yachting industry witnessed the disastrous impact of the hurricanes on the tropical Caribbean islands in 2017. To combat the effects of the natural disaster, the industry united almost overnight to fundraise and even help on the ground in the storm-battered islands. Fraser is also a proud contributor to the efforts to rebuild and support those Caribbean islands devastated during the hurricane season of 2017. Fraser sponsored the Dark and Stormy Hurricane Relief Party in Mallorca, raising nearly EUR 13,000 for charity and assisted loading M/Y I LOVE THIS BOAT – a vessel in the Fraser yacht charter fleet – with aid supplies to take to Antigua. Throughout the yachting industry, people sprang into action and continue to lend their support to the ongoing effort. There have been so many worthwhile efforts, including those run by the Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting Charity Fund, The NYC Eastern Caribbean Relief Fund by ING Marinas, and the Superyacht Aid Coalition.

charities changing yachting 2018

In the wake of the disaster, a huge amount of credit must be given to YachtAid Global – a magnificent charity that mobilises superyachts, Owners and crews to deliver aid supplies and lend assistance in disaster-affected areas. YachtAid Global has been running since 2006, and, due to the ever-growing compassion and good spirit of the yachting community, is making a massive impact whenever disaster strikes.

Fraser believes strongly in the power of the yachting industry to make for a better world and looks forward to the contributing to charitable efforts in 2018.