20 February 2020

Norwegian Hull Club Training Seminar

The Fraser Yacht Management Team last week organised a seminar with Norwegian Hull Club, one of the world’s oldest and most respected maritime insurance companies.

Norwegian Hull Club Training Seminar with the Fraser Yacht Management Team

The 20-strong team from Fraser, including our Yacht Services Director, Technical Superintendents and Safety Superintendents attended the event, enhancing their already strong knowledge of this complex and vital area of yacht management, and ensuring they are always up to date with new evolutions on behalf of our clients.


The seminar ranged across a variety of topics, covering emergency response training, the difference between policy types and what they offer and the importance of involving insurers in every aspect of a yacht’s operations, including before a yard period and before a location change.


The team’s major takeaways were the differences between marine hull & machinery versus war policy wording, an insight into today’s marine underwriting market, marine claims handling and applying the “proactive approach” methodology in emergency response.


Fraser also invited selected Captains and Owner Representatives from its fleets to join the event as part of our Yacht Management service.


To find out more about attending or get more from your yacht experience with Fraser’s Yacht Management services, please contact the team.