At Fraser, we are driven by a single purpose: the satisfaction of our clients. Whether it is securing a dream yacht for a new Buyer or hearing from a Charterer that their Broker has helped create moments that their family will never forget, this is why we do what we do.

As the year came to a close, the Fraser team looked back on just some of their achievements and highlights of 2023...

A new year brings new opportunities, chances, experiences, and memories to be made; new dreams, hopes and aspirations. In 2024, we look forward to making your yachting dreams come true.

This year, let's create magic together

Lightning, Tragedy and Triumph

“The sale of CYGNUS MONTANUS, a Frers YDL 112’ carbon sailing yacht in early February 2023, was a notable sale.

A client of mine was searching high and low for a sailing yacht to buy, after his own boat was struck by lightning and rendered unusable. He was very keen to spend the winter sailing in the Caribbean with his family and asked me to pull out all the stops to find him a yacht. This was in October 2022.

All listed yacht options worldwide were looked at but of little interest. Having worked in the sailing side of our industry for a few years, I ran a flag up the mast looking for a special yacht that was unlisted but could be purchased and BINGO, I got a hit! CYGNUS MONTANUS was in the Canary Islands and presented on paper to the client in mid-December.

A deal was struck almost immediately, surveyor engaged, deal accepted and closing finalized all in 6 weeks start to finish…The winter was enjoyed sailing in the Caribbean aboard GRIFFEN ex-CYGNUS MONTANUS.”

- Georges Bourgoignie, Sales Broker

The Marriage Proposal

"I organized a marriage proposal on board a charter. It was a charter on the Fraser yacht ROBBIE BOBBY, cruising the Amalfi Coast. I collaborated with shore agents in Naples and the groom to make this surprise proposal happen, with rose petals and lots of romantic touches. She said yes!"

From the future groom:

Thank you for all the hard work and time you put into this. I really appreciate your speedy responses, amazing suggestions, and your help in planning such a spectacular proposal. It was amazing. My fiancée was extremely surprised.’

From the Principal, whose daughter is the future bride:

‘We are loving the ROBBIE BOBBY experience! Appreciate all that you did for us. The engagement was so special and beyond spectacular! I am overflowing with emotion and love.’

- Yvonne Stern, Charter Broker

Bigger, Better, Stronger

“One of the greatest successes this year that I had personally but also the company benefitted from was developing a whole new strategy for boat shows, starting with the Palm Beach Boat Show this past March.

In 2023, I worked with all new vendors and together we designed an entire new stand that is bigger and better than anything we’ve EVER had before, and surrounded by our largest yacht line up at any show in the US in the history of Fraser – a total of 15 yachts on display!

At PBIBS, Fraser typically in the past had taken an approach which was much smaller – to put it in perspective, we’ve had 1 boat or 2 boats on display maximum with a small stand just to use as a meeting point for clients.

Clients and the industry as a whole were WOWed by our new outstanding presence which solidified our strength as a company. We then translated this design and strategy into FLIBS and beyond. It was so well received that we’ll keep it up in 2024 and all boat shows to come!”

- Hannah Rose, US Marketing Manager

Three Yachts and One Big Family

“I had a three yacht/one big family charter this summer in the Bahamas. Lots of fun, lots of details and everyone left with smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts ”

- Debra Blackburn, Charter Broker

Sold in Record-Breaking Time!

“A full price offer was made and accepted on MANGATA, the 60 Horizon Powercat, within 2 hours of coming onto the market. The deal closed within 3 weeks as the Owners were using her in the Bahamas and had to bring her back for trial run and survey.

It was the first sale of Fraser’s new Palm Beach office.”

- Lon McCloskey, Sales Broker

When the Yacht is the Destination, Why Go Ashore?

“I had an outstanding charter on VICTORIOUS with long-established clients. They were so delighted with all aspects of their onboard experience, they canceled all except one of their shoreside excursions and restaurant reservations.

On board they had massages, salon services, outrageous meals, a professional magic show, and fireworks on Independence Day. The kids had their own balloon room and were looked after and entertained by 2 professional nannies, letting the adults truly relax. It was a pleasure working with these clients and this wonderful crew!”

- Gina Robertson, Charter Broker


“I am pretty proud to have been recently chosen by the International Superyacht Society (ISS) to become their Monaco Ambassador.”

- Michele Flandin, Events Marketing Strategist

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