Yacht crew training

Running a yacht requires experience and qualifications, we aim to assist all crew on our vessels to ensure that they have all the training they need to operate your yacht safely and efficiently.


Crew training

It is vital that your yacht is staffed by experienced and qualified crew to ensure that it is run safely and efficiently. Our dedicated team will make sure that the crew with the correct qualifications are hired and that they attend regular training throughout their career to ensure that their certifications stay up to date and your yacht is safely manned at all times. With yachts getting bigger, sometimes to the size of boutique style cruise liners, international maritime law now requires that professionals across the industry become more certified, which means investing in training.


All crew working on board yachts must comply with the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for Seafarers (STCW) and as a minimum hold a current Basic Safety Training certificate to ensure that they are aware of the dangers of working on board a yacht and how to respond in an emergency.
Depending on the crew member’s position on board there are numerous other qualifications that may be needed or desired, from Master licences for Captains to drive the yachts to diving qualifications for deck crew or interior service and wine course certifications for interior crew. Our team is always on hand to advise on the numerous options available.

Oceanic Hospitality Training Centre

Thanks to our partner V.Ships we are able to offer crew training services specialised in housekeeping, service and galley utility training. The Oceanic Hospitality Training Centre is a unique establishment that stimulates the on board working environment, enabling practical training in line with the latest international health standards. This setup also gives us access to well trained and qualified Filipino Crew at competitive salaries and manning fees.

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