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Cuba yacht charter

Cuba’s cruising options are as exciting as they are enigmatic. There is a unique draw to this tropical island that combines salsa- and rum-filled nights with days exploring Cuba’s lush green forest, 289 beaches and spectacular dive sites.

Cuba is a great ‘stepping stone’ charter spot, a short crossing from the Bahamas, Belize, Honduras and Florida. With red tape being cut back over recent years, Cuba is embracing superyacht visitors with open arms. Visa restrictions are minimal, marina developments are springing up and private jets are suitably accommodated. Fly into bustling Havana to start your charter from Marina Hemingway, or Ciengfuegos, the ‘Pearl of the South’. The best weather and calmest seas are found along the south coast, particularly between October and April.

Soulful Havana

No Cuban tour is complete without a stop in Havana, the bustling capital. Dilapidated charm and historical gravitas aside, it is a hotbed of Latin American culture, set in a jumble of colonial-meets-Soviet-brutalist architecture. It’s not all aging guitarists smoking cigars and playing Buena Vista Social Club; a new generation of music is springing up and representing Havana’s modern aspirations, including urban soul, electronica and jazz. Don’t miss out Hemingway’s two favourite watering holes: La Floridita for a daiquiri and La Bodeguita del Medio for a mojito.

Diving in Bahía de Corrientes

From Havana, head to the island’s far western tip, the least developed part of Cuba, where there is superb snorkelling and diving for all abilities. Find an anchorage in the bright turquoise waters of the Bahía de Corrientes bay, nestled in the Guanahacabibes National Park. The water is so clear that swimming in the bay feels like you are flying 30 metres above the seabed. Then head east to the Isla de la Juventude, for the untouched beaches of Cayo Largo and Cayo Rosario.

Ancient Sancti Spíritus

One of the oldest Cuban European settlements, Sancti Spíritus in the heart of Cuba offers a window into the early years of Colonialist rule, having been founded 500 years ago as one of Diego Velázquez's seven original villas. Take in the quaint Parque Sefafín Sánchez, ancient bridge, local museums and churches. A UNESCO World Heritage site since 1988, Sancti Spíritus is less crowded than nearby town of Trinidad, which is more popular for its brightly-painted buildings, cobbled streets and yacht-ready port.

Hiking in Viñales Valley

The stunning Valle de Viñales national park offers natural inland wonders for the energetic and adventurous. Huge limestone buttresses loom over emerald-green tobacco plantations dotted with skyscraper palm trees, with hiking, climbing and caving on tap. The small farming town of Viñales offers a chance to see a more rural way of life, with cowboys still roaming the fincas on horseback. Activities range from simple hikes over a few kilometres, taking in swimming holes and sunrise vistas, to vertiginous ascents of the limestone mogotes for experienced climbers.
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