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Malta yacht charter

A yacht charter in Malta is a journey into the past- where ancient forts tower over sapphire seas and mysterious shipwrecks lie far below on the sea floor.  

Cruise along the dramatic coastline, where the rugged cliffs are riddled with caves and rock pools, perfect for diving and snorkelling. In fact, with its crystal clear waters, rich marine life and sunken wrecks of airplanes and boats, Malta is one of the best diving destinations in the Mediterranean for luxury yacht charters.
"There is no other area of the world to equal this for the number of cultures and civilisations that have sprung ashore."
Ernie Bradford
British historian
Charter yachts in Malta
length50 m
Weekly rate From $ 245,000 
(approx. € 224,721)
shipyardDelta Marine
length35 m
Weekly rate From € 100,000 
(approx. $ 109,024)
length41 m
Weekly rate From € 195,000 
(approx. $ 212,597)
shipyardRoyal Falcon Fleet
Regions in Malta
Xaghra yacht charter
Marvel at the Megalithic temples at Xaghra, and wander through baroque cathedrals and the ancient home of the Knights of Malta. Quiet fishing villages carry on with their business as they have for many centuries, and olive groves stand after 2000 years, still bearing fruit from their gnarled branches. The past is everywhere you look on a yacht charter in Malta.
An Xaghra yacht charter sails around ancient ruins and rocky outcrops in Malta
A Blue Lagoon & Gozo yacht charter takes you on waters that glimmer with light
Blue Lagoon & Gozo yacht charter
The limestone formation of these islands has created a spectacular cruising ground for a Malta yacht charter- spend a day in the famous blue lagoon surrounded by boulders, or explore the Blue Grotto which glimmers with light. On the island of Gozo, take a tender to the Calypso cave, where legend says that the nymph goddess Calypso held Odysseus as a sex slave for seven years.

Enter what might be the most impressive port on earth at Grand Harbour, where the fortress walls and church spires rise high over the forest of sailing masts and superyachts. Explore the narrow lanes of Valetta, perhaps stopping in one of Malta’s growing number of luxury spas, art galleries or fine dining restaurants.
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