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Turkey yacht charter

A Turkey yacht charter is a spectacular journey through a timeless land of crystal clear seas, colourful bazaars and ancient civilisations. With 4,400 miles of stunning coastline along its Mediterranean and Black Sea shores, Turkey offers magnificent yacht cruising.   

Turkey’s spectacular coast is a treasure trove of adventure with its sunken remnants and rock carvings of the ancient civilisations of Greece and Rome. It’s an exotic voyage that will take you on a journey of discovery to picturesque towns and bazaars bulging with spices and silk, the private beach of Cleopatra, and the wonder of Mount Olympus. On a superyacht charter in Turkey you will be inspired and intrigued by an oceanic odyssey that is guaranteed to be memorable in historic proportions.
"The Bosphorus is one of the most mystical places in Turkey. For a local fish lunch, try Poseidon in the cute village area of Bebek."
Diane Fraser
Charter Broker, San Diego
Charter yachts in Turkey
New to the fleet
VERTIGO motor yacht for charter by FRASER, built by Golden Yachts Ltd.
52m (170ft)
Golden Yachts Ltd.
2007 / 2024 (refitted)
12 in 7 cabins
From  €165,000 p/week
New to the fleet
SEAHORSE motor yacht for charter by FRASER, built by Amels
53m (174ft)
1999 / 2019 (refitted)
12 in 6 cabins
From  €190,000 p/week
New to the fleet
SAMIRA motor yacht for charter by FRASER, built by Amels
55m (180ft)
2003 / 2024 (refitted)
12 in 5 cabins
From  €300,000 p/week
Regions in Turkey
Bodrum yacht charter
Bodrum - the ancient Halicarnassus, an extremely popular resort. Bodrum is renowned for its nightlife and somewhat bohemian atmosphere, perhaps due to the large number of exiled artists and poets who once lived here, and consequently left their lasting mark on the town. The castle of St. Peter, built by the knights of St. John, houses the Museum of Underwater Archaeology, reputedly the best in the entire Mediterranean area and is well worth a visit.
8 Days - Turkey yacht charter itinerary
Pink flowers and white buildings overlook a calm bay on a Bodrum yacht charter with Fraser
A Bay of Ekincik yacht charter introduces you to Turkey's pine-clad mountains and azure waters
Bay of Ekincik yacht charter
Ekincik Bay is located east of Marmaris. This bay is surrounded by pine trees and spectacular sheer cliffs and the small village of Ekincik is a short walk from the bay.

From Ekincik bay you can board a local river boat and be taken up the Dalyan river to the ancient city of Kaunos, passing the famous turtle breeding beach. In Dalyan village there are several restaurants by the river specialising in mullet and bass dishes. At night a good restaurant to try in Ekincik is My Marina; after dinner ask to be entertained by a belly dancer.
Marmaris yacht charter
Anchor on the south side of Marmaris Bay, about 2 miles from the town and spend the day visiting the old center which still retains its village atmosphere; stroll and explore the bustling bazaar. Visit the Ottoman castle of Suleyman the Magnificent, built in 1522 as a base for his assault on Rhodes against the knights of St. John. Marmaris also offers a great choice of shops and restaurants, many with an international flavour.
A Marmaris yacht charter is dotted with hidden bays and sweeping mountain views of pine forests
Kekova region yacht charter mooring far below the rampards of small town harbour
Kekova region yacht charter
The long-time preserve of visiting yachts and boat tours, the Kekova region is host to some of the most beautiful ruins on the Turquoise Coast. Named after a small 4 kilometre square uninhabited island, the region is home to many Lycian settlements, some of which are now submerged in the crystal-clear waters of the almost land locked gulf. Anchor in front of the small town of Kaleköy, and walk to the Byzantine castle for a spectacular view, passing by some of the many ancient Roman sarcophagi. The Kekova region was declared a Specially Protected Area in 1990 to protect the natural, cultural and geographic richness of Kekova Island and surrounding coast.
Kaş yacht charter
For those in search of the ideal watery pursuit, Kaş is the place to visit. Known as Turkey’s hub of “underwater exploits”, there is excellent shipwreck diving to be found just offshore. Bring out the yacht’s toys and go on a kayaking adventure in these waters. Head ashore and embark on a hike around the 6km-long Çukurbağ Peninsula where you will find the ancient theatre and several Lycian tombs built into the mountain above that offer a particular spectacle at night when they are illuminated.
A Kaş yacht charter is the best way to experience Turkey's golden sunsets
Türkbükü yacht charter rock cliff overlooks sea
Türkbükü yacht charter
Located on the Turkish Riviera, Türkbükü is known as the St Tropez of Turkey with its well protected harbour ringed with high hills containing a number of luxury hotels and holiday villas. Anchor in the harbor and take a morning dive or snorkel in the crystal clear waters which offer swimming-pool like conditions, before the afternoon breeze sets in. In the evening, enjoy the nightlife and people watch in the many bars and restaurants where Turkey’s elite like to gather.
Yalikavak yacht charter
Located on the north eastern tip of Bodrum’s peninsula, the resort town of Yalikavak is considered one of the most elite in the area. Its bustling centre, many beaches, magnificent bays and several upscale restaurants are sure to delight.  The beautiful new Palmarina marina is the perfect place to moor your yacht and explore the treasures this seaside town has to offer.
A Yalikavak yacht charter sails around the best of Turkey's coast with views of pine-covered mountains
A Datça yacht charter sails to a deserted beach lined with trees
Datça yacht charter
Datça is a popular location with a pleasant harbour surrounded by shops and restaurants. The whole Datça Peninsula is famous for being one of the few places in the world that has optimum humidity. Datca itself is a small but lively town with good shopping facilities and is famous for its carpet shops.
Knidos yacht charter
The solitary ruins of Knidos are scattered about the slopes above the ancient harbour. The setting is delightful and the ruins, only partly excavated, are a romantic overgrown jumble of huge rock blocks and pottery sheds. The nearby bays of Palamut  & Kargi are preferred by lovers of tranquility as their lovely beaches feature crystal clear waters in an unspoiled coast. The green valley behind is a pleasant contrast to the bare rocky slopes further back.
A Knidos yacht charter is the best way to the ancient ruins on Datca's peninsula
A Gulf of Gökova yacht charter follows a coast lined with picturesque towns and hilly scenery
Gulf of Gökova yacht charter
Encircled by emerald-green mountains, one never tires of the beauty of the Gökova Gulf. Taking a swim in the crystal-clear waters of the numerous bays surrounded by pine, laurel, oleander, and storax trees is a special delight. Proceeding overland to Marmaris from Gökova one has a magnificent view over the gulf. Sail to Cleopatra’s Bay on Sedir Island (of marvelous beauty), which reportedly was used by Cleopatra as a shelter when she escaped with Mark Anthony, and enjoy the first of many swims.
Göcek yacht charter
Despite its growth Göcek has managed to keep its distinctive Turkish village atmosphere. Explore this pleasant little village abound with excellent fish restaurants that is also an environmentally protected area and major yachting centre. Göcek bay has a myriad of anchorages and coves to explore – anchor stern to the rocks in a quiet bay with crystal clear water or overnight in the marina in the village to explore the restaurants charming village. There are enough small bays and anchorages with rustic tavernas to spend several days exploring this spectacular area.
On a Göcek yacht charter view temples within the cliff faces
A Fethiye yacht charter takes you to blue bays like the Oludeniz's lagoon
Fethiye yacht charter
A pleasant bustling town, this is an ideal place if you like typical markets and local stores. Above the town of Fethiye (Ancient Telmessus) several Lycian tombs can be seen carved into the rock. Dine in a restaurant in the small square with flowers cascading from the window boxes above. Visit the hidden Valley of SakliKent National Park- one of the deepest canyons in the world with an ancient settlement, located 30kms away. It is a spectacular place, with sculpted walls soaring high above and crystal blue water below. There are several rustic local restaurants perched above the river, where you can sample some freshly caught trout from the river. Four kilometres of the gorge is walkable after April when most of the snow from the Taurus Mountains has melted and passed through the gorge on its way to the Xanthos River.
Kalkan yacht charter
The historic town of Kalkan is an enchanting place and one of the most beautiful locations along Turkey’s stunning Lycian Coast. Famous for its white-washed houses descending onto the sea and brightly coloured bougainvillea, Kalkan remains a charming and unspoiled haven of lush nature, brilliant blue and crystal-clear sea, historic architecture, ancient history and warm traditional Turkish hospitality. Averaging 300 days of sunshine a year, it is the perfect spot for a romantic holiday under the warm Mediterranean sun.
A blue and white fishing boat on clear blue water is a common sight on a kalkan yacht charter with Fraser
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