The difference a trusted Charter Manager can make

When you take the decision to offer your yacht for charter, what is your key objective?

For most Owners, it is finding a balance between generating a revenue stream and freely experiencing the benefits of your yacht on your own terms, all while enjoying peace of mind that your vessel is always in safe hands when you are not aboard.

Are you looking for a more rewarding experience than your current Charter Management offers?

Or are you bringing your yacht to the charter market for the very first time and want to ensure maximum impact and optimum results from the start?

Discover how the knowledge, expertise and strategic secrets of Fraser Charter Management could make all the difference.

“Today, reliable Charter Management is a necessity for any Owner looking to maximise bookings. An Owner who chooses Fraser can count on us to be equipped with every resource possible and work tirelessly to secure bookings. We have the contacts, expertise and skills to keep your yacht at the forefront of the marketplace, so charterers can’t wait to be on board.”
Kellie Shoemaker
Head of Charter Management USA
”Fraser’s multilingual global team of Charter Managers brings an average of 15 years’ experience to every yacht we manage. Our experience means we are not only trusted by Owners, but just as importantly, by top Charter Brokers who come to Fraser because they know that the clients they place on board will enjoy every moment and return time after time."
Daniela De Marco
Head of Charter Management Europe


A charter programme optimised for your yacht
Building a successful charter programme takes experience, skills and knowledge.

A strong charter programme is delivered based on multiple factors, including:
  • a very clear understanding of the main objectives to be achieved
  • effective collaboration of all the key stakeholders
  • a thorough analysis of what the market is most looking for (including what attracts that market to comparable yachts).

Maximised opportunities that work around you

Only the best Charter Managers know the secret tips that maximise revenue streams without impacting your enjoyment of your yacht.

As experienced Managers, we screen all enquiries and filter those that work best for the yacht’s calendar in terms of positioning, therefore reducing the turnaround time between charters and optimising bookings and revenue.

We also offer guidance on timing and positioning of the yacht in order to capitalise on charter opportunities.

We advise on the optimisation of the yacht charter calendar around the Owner’s use, with the aim of maximising bookings and revenue for the Owner.

And in terms of the booking process, contract, payment deadlines, rate negotiations, delivery fees, APA and VAT payments, consider it done.

Trusted Managers and a trusted name

Fraser’s multilingual team on both sides of the Atlantic is trusted by Owners and, just as importantly, by Charter Brokers throughout the global industry. Secure in the knowledge that each Charterer they place on board will enjoy the best possible experience under Fraser, industry Brokers as well as our award-winning in-house team are more likely to choose Fraser managed yachts for their clients.


Now managing a fleet of over 140 yachts, Fraser Charter Managers know the charter market, and know exactly what Charterers are looking for from their charter experience. Benefiting from their own experience plus the pooled knowledge brought by an average of over 4,500 days of charter booked on the global fleet each year, Fraser Charter Managers know just how to optimise the experience a yacht offers, and hence secure more bookings. Upgrading features, enhancing toy collections and upskilling crew to ensure all the latest service skills are offered can make a significant difference to a yacht’s success. We can show you how.

Enhanced peace of mind
Your Fraser Charter Manager is your single point of contact, keeping your ownership experience streamlined by liaising between all parties on your behalf.

We carry out pre-booking reference checks and due diligence, and take care of the booking process, contract, payment deadlines, rate negotiations, delivery fees, APA and VAT payments for you.

In essence: your ownership experience should be worry-free as well as rewarding, and we know how to make that happen.


Fraser Yacht Marketing works to ensure bookings keep coming.

Defining your yacht’s unique features and the benefits of a charter on board, we use every marketing technology available to precisely target qualified clients and make them not just aware of your yacht, but excited to step on board.

Marketing across every channel brings to life the onboard experience, with a strong focus on harnessing the power of digital: your yacht is promoted on our social media platforms which secure +13M engagements per year, and we employ strategies from demographic & behavioural segmentation and geotargeting to A/B testing to ensure your yacht receives the maximum exposure.

"Our Charter Management experience has been seamless and beautiful. We wouldn’t even think of having anybody else right now."
“As the representative for an Owner who takes much pride in his yacht, making it available for charter and choosing the right Charter Management specialist was not a decision we took lightly. We made the right decision when we chose Fraser. They have represented and marketed the yacht with a finesse and understanding we feel properly corresponds to our vision.”
+80M/262' Motor Yacht

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