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01 September 2022
Shades of Blue: The French Riviera is the next experience offered through our partnership with Mandarin Oriental Exclusive Homes, curated by StayOne. 
11 July 2022
Fraser is delighted to announce a new partnership with Mandarin Oriental Exclusive Homes.
OCEANXPLORER From Mark Dalio and OCEANX in Antartica
24 September 2020
Captivating the world with the launch of the OceanX initiative, Mark Dalio and his father are on a mission to explore the world’s oceans aboard their remarkable new vessel, OCEANXPLORER.
Kokomo Island Fiji yachting destination
05 February 2020
Imagine a destination where pristine reefs set the scene for an unrivalled experience, spectacular white sand beaches are yours for the taking, where privacy is paramount, service is superior, dining is exceptional, and you are the priority. This was the vision of superyacht owner and property developer Lang Walker, whose luxury resort in Fiji – Kokomo Private Island – opened for business in 2017.
9 Tips to Reduce Plastic Pollution in Ocean
03 February 2020

With plastic pollution now at a crisis point, it’s more important than ever that the yachting community works together to fight to preserve the oceans that matter so much to us.

Owner of S/Y U2 Ron Zuckerman
13 January 2020
Superyacht Times recently caught up with IT entrepreneur, prominent tech investor and owner/builder of ALL ABOUT U2, Ron Zuckerman.
07 March 2019

Yachting has historically been a male environment but more and more women are coming to the forefront, with their influence in business and the industry felt in every sector of superyachting. We talk with five passionate women about their experiences in yachting.


04 February 2019
One of the most famous classic yachts sailing today, SHENANDOAH OF SARK has been beguiling guests and a string of characterful owners since 1902, resulting in a tapestry of rich heritage.
30 January 2018

In recent years, the yachting industry has awoken to the necessary demand for, and opportunity to impact on, charitable causes. Independent charities, Owners, Captains, and yacht brokerages all over the world are mobilising to undertake impressive aid efforts, changing the face of the yachting industry to one of mindfulness and purpose. Nowadays, steps are being taken to protect the environment in increasing measures and the seafaring community has become more giving and more united in its altruistic endeavours than ever before.

The Resurgence of Venice event
26 January 2018

Splendid in its unadulterated setting, Venice is a city that romances the old and celebrates the new.

20 December 2017

‘Convention’ is not a word that interests Mr Farad Al Athel. He’s not kerbed by standard practice, or restrained by the unknown - his ambitions surpass the confines of what is typical in the yachting world, and instead, he is realising his goals one vessel at a time.

21 November 2017
Twenty-two members of staff from the Fraser Monaco office recently took part in the No Finish Line event where participants complete laps of a circuit in order to raise money for the charity called Children & Future.
14 November 2017
As morning sprays colours all around Bourayne Bay’s surrounding cliffs, a repeated call comes from afar. Hep...hep...hep... Yooo. Several low canoes are rowing all together towards a yacht and the call precedes the six men in the canoes switching the paddle to the other side each time. Locals teaching a visiting yacht about Va’a, a traditional Tahitian outrigger canoe, is just one of the many authentic cultural experiences available to superyacht guests in Tahiti according to Etienne Boutin of Asia Pacific Superyachts Tahiti. For yacht owners and guests alike, immersive authentic encounters are fast becoming one of the most popular aspects of a yacht’s itinerary when visiting a new country. For increasing numbers of superyacht guests, enjoying a unique and authentic cultural experience is the highlight of their visit to a new country.
Swan Style
11 July 2017
For Leonardo Ferragamo, owner and chairman of Finnish shipyard Nautor’s Swan since 1998, sailing is a true passion. In 2015 he took delivery of his seventh Swan, 35m Solleone, but he first discovered the sport when his elder brother, Feruccio, took him sailing off the coast of Tuscany when he was very young. “I immediately fell in love with the sport and I’ve been sailing ever since,” he says. Quickly developing a fondness for Swan yachts, his first Swan was a Swan 51 called Marlin Blue which he bought in 1988, ten years prior to eventually acquiring the shipyard itself.
29 June 2017
An innovative new concept for the yachting industry and offered through Fraser, the DJ Dispensary is a fun and bespoke yachting DJ service that stands to enhance any yachting experience. Whether chartering a sailing yacht or cruising on your luxury motor yacht, the DJ Dispensary can entertain guests, teach them how to mix music, and provides an instant party. We spoke to Matty Wainwright, the Director of the company, to find out more about the exciting new service.
16 June 2017

For most, champagne is the epitome of luxury and success. It’s a celebration of the finer things in life, an indulgence to be appreciated and savoured on the palate, and a fitting way to toast or mark an occasion. For the remaining few it is the moniker of extravagance, often sprayed in excess by Formula One podium winners, but then champagne has always been the preferred choice of the elite. It is no surprise, then, that champagne is often the drink of choice on luxury motor and sailing yacht charters.

ev-twin electric motorbike
13 June 2017
In the world of yachting, there is a marked interest in both engineering innovation and stylish luxury. When cruising the waters on a stunning vessel, travelling becomes an indulgent event. It follows suit, then, that seafarers have long taken an interest in those gadgets and modes of transport that evoke the same sentiments as yachting: high speed, lavish comfort, innovation, style, and fun. The latest vehicle to emerge in this sphere is the cutting-edge eV-Twin Electric Motorbike.
08 June 2017
Fraser CEO Raphael Sauleau has just returned from taking part in a gruelling challenge all in the name of a great and worthy cause. Raphael was part of a team of five cyclists who embarked on a long route from Angers in Northern France down to Denia in Spain, covering the distance in just one week, to raise money for a charity supporting disable children: Ent’raid 49
private plane charter fraser
03 April 2017

What was once seen as the sky-high preserve of tycoons, politicians and the stars of sport and entertainment is now being transformed by new, tech-based business models that tune into today’s on-demand and sharing economies.

10 March 2017
Typically Mediterranean but with its long-standing Balkan links, a summer foodie tour of traditional dishes cruising along the Montenegrin coastline encompasses Italian seafood, warming meat dishes, and a fiery taste of Rakia.
09 February 2017
When a famous face remains in the spotlight for an inordinate amount of time, there comes a point when we, as an audience, feel as though we know them, on a familiar and friendly level, a personal one even. Their stage persona or character becomes their identity, the lines between public and private life are blurred, and it becomes increasingly hard for them to retreat or find a reprieve from the glare of the media.
sunglasses for a superyacht charter
07 February 2017
Spending time on the sun-soaked decks of your chartered luxury superyacht, while cruising the azure waters of the Caribbean, require very little in terms of attire, but a good pair of sunglasses are an essential accessory. We’ve hand-selected this season’s sunglasses that are as cool as the Caribbean air is hot to ensure that your yachting adventure is experienced with a rose tint.
Journeying to the Polar Regions on board the Hanse Explorer
16 January 2017
If an out-of-the-ordinary adventure is what you’re after, head to the ends of the earth with the legendary and luxurious Hanse Explorer.
Superyacht accessories Fraser Yachts
20 July 2016
From underwater flying machines to amphibious vehicles, the futuristic and luxurious gadgets found on superyachts are the things of which sci-fi dreams are made. Presenting the latest and greatest, as well as some enduring classics, we’ve put together a list of some of the best superyacht accessories on the market in 2016.
1 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne
07 July 2016
With summer officially under way the summer 2016 charter season is in full swing.  This month we speak to wine expert Sarah Jameson at VSF on the top 5 wines to enjoy on board your yacht this summer season.
The importance of belonging Fraser Yachts
20 June 2016
The private members’ club: a coveted place of solace, a sanctuary or haven for the genteel folk, a slice of privacy away from prying eyes. It’s also a long serving tradition that is now enjoying a new lease of life on a global scale.