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A Mediterranean yacht charter encompasses breathtaking scenery, a beautiful climate and is guaranteed to be steeped in history. Whether you wish to explore the coastlines of Greece, Croatia, Italy, Spain or France, or enjoy the entertainment in Monaco, then a yacht charter in the Mediterranean is ideal.
"You'll find the best Bellini
Champagne cocktails in Porto
Cervo before a sumptous
dinner in the Petrizza Hotel,
Then go for a dance in the
world's most famous and
exclusive discotheque - The
Billionaire's club."
Anastasia Legrand
Charter Broker Monaco
A yacht charter in the Caribbean is destined to provide unforgettable experiences. Enjoy the incredible 2.5 million square kilometres of crystal clear waters, blue skies and sunshine from your private crewed motor or sailing superyacht charter.
"Andros Barrier Reef is the
third largest in the world. It
is an underwater paradise for
both diving and snorkelling.
Visibility reaches distances
of 100 feet or more and
dolphins, turtles and
stingrays abound..."
Charter Broker Fort Lauderdale
Encompassed by the mighty Indian and Pacific Oceans, the waters surrounding South East Asia are ideal for a luxury yacht charter. South East Asia is fast becoming the destination of choice for those looking for something new and exciting on their yacht charter.
Many of the most sought-after beach and island destinations in the world are to be found rising out of the warm, clear waters of the Indian Ocean. Take your Indian Ocean yacht charter to the remote beaches, romantic sunsets and pure bliss of Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and the Andaman Islands.
Adventurous yacht charterers will be spoilt for choice in Australasia. This vast and diverse region offers something for all tastes: glamour and gastronomy in Sydney Harbour; adrenaline-pumping heli-skiing on glaciers in New Zealand; wild nature of the outback in the Kimberley; and world-class diving on the Great Barrier Reef.
The remote location of the South Pacific islands allowed nature to flourish in a unique and bountiful way. Discovering Fiji, French Polynesia, and the surrounding islands by luxury yacht will be an unforgettable South Pacific yacht charter experience.
Setting sail on a luxury yacht charter in North America waters presents somewhat of a dilemma. Where to begin? The incredibly diverse coastline of North America offers in excess of 200,000 kms of bays, cliffs, beaches, coves, seaside towns and inlets to navigate.
Whether you are seeking peace and tranquility or adventure and wildlife on your yacht charter, Central America will have a perfect cruising spot for you. Combining outstanding biodiversity, a rich cultural history and a growing yachting infrastructure, Central America is a unique melting pot that will leave you enchanted.
Experiencing Northern Europe by yacht charter will paint this beautiful region in an entirely new light, even for those who have regularly toured as land-based visitors. From the cutting-edge cuisine of Copenhagen to the Northern Lights off Scotland’s coast, there is something for all tastes.
In recent years, expedition yachts have become increasingly available to charter. Get away from the crowds and busy cruising grounds, taking your yacht charter to the next level of adventure where your pioneering spirit doesn’t have to leave luxury behind.
"We’re proud to represent the finest luxury charter yachts in the world
and have over 70 years experience in doing so. Our expert team
ensures that charters are professionally handled from start to finish
for the charterers, captains and owners alike."
Chief Operating Officer - FRASER USA