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Elba yacht charter

The Geography of Elba

Located off the coast of Tuscany, Elba lies just 20 km out from the coastal town of Piombino and is easily accessible on an Italy yacht charter itinerary. No matter where you stand, Elba is beautiful seen form land and even more seen from the sea. Reach the most evocative places on the island and admire its beautiful from an unusual standpoint.

The Largest Island in the Tuscan Archipelago

It is the largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago with a varied terrain divided into several sectors based on geography. Whilst the mountainous region, dominated by Monte Capanne (1,018m) can be found to the west, the central stretch of the island is predominantly flat with the width at one point measuring just 4 km.

Portoferraio for the Best Bars, Shopping and Restaurants

The island is split into 8 municipalities with Portoferraio being the main commercial port on the island and a popular port of call for those on an Elba yacht charter. Visit Portoferraio on the northern coastline for the best bars, restaurants and shopping.

Fine Wine and A Food Festival

Elba, famed for being the exiled Napoleons’ home after his forced abdication in 1814, has more recently become renowned for its production of fine wine and tourist industry. The Italian food festival has been organised for two consecutive years at Marina di Campo. Saracen and Spanish seasoning mix with traditional Mediterranean flavours to create some exiting tastes. Together with dishes based on meat, fish and vegetables, Elban delicacies have something to offer all Mediterranean food enthusiasts.

An Ideal Climate for Sailing and Windsurfing

Strong winds from the northwest and its mild climate make Elba a windsurfer and sailor’s paradise. Diving and snorkelling are also popular activities around the coast with Capo Saint Andrea providing the perfect, sheltered setting to explore Elba’s underwater world.

Free Climbing on Elba

Free climbing is widely enjoyed on Elba. To the west of the island on the large promontory the mountains provide exceptional climbing routes marked out by experienced FASI (the Italian Free Climbing Association) instructors. Towards Marciana on the northwest side of the island, Monte Giove (855m) with its strange rock formations formed over a thousand years ago provides some of the best ascents or hikes in the Mediterranean.
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