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Ischia yacht charter

Almost entirely mountainous, the island of Ischia lies at the northern end of the Gulf of Naples. By sea, Ischia can be reached in just 30 km from Naples and offers 34 km of beautiful coastline to navigate. Her surface area measures just over 46km with Ischia Porto the island’s main commune and port of call for those on an Ischia yacht charter.

Aragonese Castle and Thermal Spas

Main attractions on the island include the Aragonese castle; first built in 474 BC the castle has been the scene of many brutal sieges with both the Roman and Parthenepeans attempting to capture the island. Thermal spas draw many visitors each year, many eager to experience the hot springs and volcanic mud produced on the island. From the ancient Greeks to modern celebrities, guests have arrived to the island of Ischia to come to its healthy spas and experience volcanic face masks.

Ischia Global Fest

Ischia is home to the star studded Ischia Global Fest, which is a film festival hosted by the Region of Campania in the 2nd week of July. The festival was founded by Signor Vicedomini in 2002, and is held at the two cinemas at Ischia Porto and Forio, Palazzo Pezzillo in Forio and the botanical gardens of Giardini Ravino. The film festival is branded the Summer’s Hottest Film Festival.

If you are passing by on an Italy yacht charter and wish to visit the festival, make sure you book in advance for the Indaco restaurant at the Regina Isabella Hotel in Lacco Ameno. The Neapolitan dishes are a delight as you look out over panoramic sea views.
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