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Salina yacht charter

The Geography of Salina

Second largest to Lipari in the Aeolian island chain, Salina has a total surface area of 27 square kilometres. It is divided into three communes, Malfa to the North, Santa Marina to the East and Leni to the South West. The two main villages - Valdichiesa and Rinella are found in the commune of Leni.

A World Heritage Site of Six Volcanoes

Salina is listed as a World Heritage site due to the fact that it is made up of six volcanoes making it especially important in the field of Volcanology. These volcanoes ensure a dramatic landscape to view from a Salina yacht charter.

The Impressive Salt Lake of Lingua

Those on a Salina yacht charter have the choice of two ports: Santa Marina or Rinella. Once moored in the harbour visitors can see the impressive salt lake in Lingua; once the site of a major sea salt production and exportation industry with contracts around the world, it now remains a tourist destination and wildlife reserve.

Festivals of Salina

Annual festivals include the Caper Festival held in Salina in early June, the Eolian Food and Wine Week in the first week of October and the Salina Doc Fest, an international documentary festival that has been running since 2007.

Salina Specialties

Disembark your yacht charter in Salina to taste some of the best roasted chicken in the world, a Salina specialty, as well as a whole host of Italian cuisine using fresh vegetables, and serving Malvasia wine. Also look out for friendly local people who treat you like you are family.
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