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Stromboli yacht charter

Known as the ‘Lighthouse of the Mediterranean’, Stromboli has one of the three active volcanoes in Italy. Continuously erupting, the plumes of smoke that are projected can be seen from almost anywhere on the island and for miles out to sea.

Small and Dominated by the Volcano

The island is dominated by this volcano and, as such, is relatively small at only 12.6 square kilometres. Two towns house the roughly 700 island inhabitants. The larger of the two is Stromboli whilst the smaller Ginostra is an old fishing village located on the other side of the island. Neither is connected by road and can only be travelled to by boat.

The Smallest Port in Europe

Ginostra is famed for having Europe’s smallest port with room for only one boat, so anyone visiting on an Italian yacht charter should be prepared to anchor offshore. The town of Stromboli has a black lava sand beach for relaxing and swimming, and offers plenty of room for anchorage.

Guided Volcano Walks

The eruptions on Stromboli are rarely dangerous and there are guided walks up to the volcano. A good level of health and physical condition are required to climb Stromboli. One of the most charming aspects is that Stromboli can only be visited by boat or yacht charter so it is therefore almost unchanged by tourism.

The sister island of Strombolicchio

On a yacht charter you will be able to visit the fishing village of Ginostra, and head to the sister island of Strombolicchio to dive in the clear waters and where you can observe the continuation of the volcanic plug far below the surface.
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