29 November 2011

The Wonders of the Tuscan Archipelago

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The Tuscan Archipelago is a collection of seven islands scattered in the clear waters off the Italian mainland which make the ideal luxury yacht charter destination. Lying in a crescent shape off the Tuscan coast, the islands are each totally unique in their beauty and charm and offer endless possibilities for Mediterranean yacht charter.
Below is a brief guide to the islands, which are said to have created when the goddess Venus emerged from the ocean and dropped seven pearls from the necklace she was wearing.
  • Capraia is the third largest island, covered by an abundance of flora including daisies, heather and oleanders. The island boasts a wonderful port which is packed in the summer months as luxury yacht charters descend on it. However, the island also has many beautiful bays and coves meaning that you can always escape from the throng.
  • Elba is the largest island in the chain and lies 10 kilometres from the mainland. With a surface area of 224 square kilometres, it is also the third largest Italian island after Sardinia and Sicily. Elba really does have everything and more to offer those on Mediterranean yacht charter: endless beautiful beaches, charming towns and ports and even its own mountain, Mount Capanne, to scale.
  • Giannutri is the second smallest of the Tuscan archipelago, measuring just three square kilometres. Home to no more than 100 people, it is a Mediterranean paradise with some great dives for those on luxury yacht charter who share a passion form under-water sports.
  • Even smaller is the minute island of Gorgona, which is little more than 2 square kilometres. The island is a Mecca for wildlife which lives happily in harmony amongst more than 400 flora species. There are weekly visits to the island from Leghorn, Capraia and Elba, otherwise the island is out of bounds.
  • Giglio on the other hand welcomes Mediterranean yacht charter visitors with open arms, and the island, measuring 21 square kilometres, boasts a picturesque port in which to moor for a day or two. The island also boasts some wonderful wines produced in Giglio‚Äôs own vineyards.
  • Pianosa is arguably the most beautiful of all the Tuscan Archipelago but unfortunately mostly taken up by a high security prison.
  • Montecristo is a wild and uninhabited island measuring about 10 square kilometres.
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