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Christensen modern explorer yachts are world-celebrated for their advanced technology and high standards. The Christensen boatyard, located in Vancouver Washington is spread out over 180,000 square feet of climate-controlled manufacturing space, with a seven-acre marina, and 12 large manufacturing and assembly bays. In the 1980s Dave Christensen opened his own yacht building factory on the Columbia River to build a line of mega yachts, later allowing Christensen Yachts to become one of the forerunners in making composite fiberglass superyachts. Christensen yachts for sale range from 35m/115' to 47m/155' in length and are crafted with great attention to detail and at the highest quality.

Why Christensen Yachts

The Christensen Custom Yachts Series is designed with an efficient and effective layout, and designed and constructed in a shorter period of time than the general line of Mega Yachts. Popular with celebrities, Christensen Yachts provide the customer with the utmost style, customisation and design. Specialising in composite fiberglass construction, Christensen advise that these hulls require less maintenance than other materials meaning crew can focus more on other duties plus they provide insulation to a level other materials might not.  Christensen also pride themselves on their woodwork and upholstery, ensuring that the interior of a Christensen yacht meets even the highest of standards.

Featured Yachts by Christensen Yachts

Christensen is one of the largest modern explorer yachts builders in America, and it has produced many yachts of note over the years working with renowned designers on projects. For example, Christensen was the builder of 49m/161' ODESSA, a collaboration with designer Carol Williamson, as well as 60m/197' CASINO ROYALE which was launched in 2008. Fraser was proud to represent CRISS C for sale, a 39m/128' Christensen yacht which is designed to go anywhere, thanks to her characteristic composite hull.

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38.4m (126')
1992 / 2021 (refitted)
8 in 4 cabins