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Isola Del Giglio yacht charter

Part of the Tuscan Archipelago National Park, Isola del Giglio has some of the cleanest and most unspoilt waters to offer on a yacht charter in Italy. The island has an impressive network of footpaths along the vivid Mediterranean coastline, which are perfect to explore on a yacht charter to the Island of Giglio.

Size and Location of Isola Del Giglio

Isola Del Giglio is situated just 16 km west of the Monte Argentario peninsula in the southern corner of the Tuscan Archipelago. Covering an area of 23.89 square kilometres, it is 8 km long and 28 km in circumference.

The Dramatic Coastline

The coastline that stretches for 28 kilometres has cliffs of smooth granite, coves, bays and private sandy beaches to explore. The western side of the island features steep, dramatic cliff descending into the ocean, while the eastern side provides gentler scenarios where land meets sea with beautiful expanses of sandy beaches.

Crystal Clear Waters and An Underwater Paradise

Whilst on an Isola Del Giglio yacht charter, the Isle’s tranquil crystal clear waters, many caves and ancient wrecks make it one of the finest scuba diving playgrounds in the Mediterranean. The sea floor teems with colourful fish, morays, barracudas and giant tuna fish that make it the ideal spot to drop anchor and dive or fish. Visit in spring or summer and on a fine day you may see dolphins and whale-calves out in the calm, open waters.

Nature Explorations and Hikes

Whilst it may be tempting to remain on the beautiful coastline for your entire visit, the Isola Del Giglio offers plenty to those keen to explore deeper into the island. Visitors will find a number of interesting walks to try for all levels of ability and inclination. The unspoiled and unexploited nature to this side of the island offers breath-taking views concealed amongst thick Mediterranean flowers and shrubs, whilst impressive granite outcrops that dot the landscape make for superb backdrops to capture on film.

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