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Procida yacht charter

Situated just off the coast of Naples, the island of Procida is part of the Phlegrean island group and is the smallest island in the Gulf of Naples. Created by the eruption of four Volcanoes that now lie dormant below the surface of the sea, Procida is less than 4.1 square kilometres with a jagged coastline of 16 km long.

Excellent Seafood and Fish Restaurants

The typical Mediterranean architecture and pastel colours are a feature of the island and provide the perfect backdrop for snapshots of Mediterranean life. Procida is an island reliant on its fishing industry; as such the island’s restaurants serve simply cooked but excellent seafood dishes.

Six Beaches

Along the 16km coastline Procida has 6 beaches accessible by road or from your Procida yacht charter anchored just off shore.

Impressive Architecture

Procida is most famous for its ‘spontaneous’ architecture, and is a must-see stop on an yacht charter in Italy. The most stunning representation of this architecture is found in the "villages" and "arches" of the Marina Grande; the Chiaiolella, and especially the Corricella if seen from afar, offer a unique view on the world.

Procida as A Film Location

You may recognize parts of Procida as it was used as a film location for The Postman, and the Talented Mister Ripley.
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