It's one thing to get your yacht known. Our goal is to get it wanted.

Here at Fraser, we share your objective.

260+ Yachts of 24M+/79'+ sold in the last 5 years: the figures speak for themselves.

Whether you are considering selling your yacht or placing it on the charter market, the biggest question you probably have on your mind right now is: what do I need to do to secure a sale or those first charter bookings when I want them, and at the rates I know my yacht deserves?

The answer? By identifying a brokerage house that not only has a proven track record in promoting yachts like yours, but also offers the support of a marketing team who understands exactly how to market them.



The only company with specialised Yacht Marketing Strategists dedicated purely to yacht marketing, Fraser begins from one starting point – understanding your yacht, its added value, and everything the onboard experience offers potential clients.


We then identify the perfect quality audience for your yacht and, using a laser-focused approach to reach the niche market we are targeting, use a personally curated collection of tools and platforms to make sure it is both seen, and wanted.


Looking for reassurance that your yacht is reaching the right people at any given moment?


Our team constantly analyses and tests behind the scenes, adapting our approach if necessary, always with the goal of ensuring maximum coverage and enquiries specific to your yacht.




Fraser's Yacht Marketing Strategists and the wider Marketing team work alongside you, your Captain and your dedicated Broker or Charter Manager to ascertain your yacht's Unique Selling Points, best onboard features, and the reasons why a future charterer would benefit from booking her or a future buyer would benefit from acquiring her.

This helps us define the right market, the right tools, the best platforms and the right approach for the yacht’s marketing.

It helps us create marketing that brings the yacht experience to life for potential clients.




Our tailored marketing strategies are designed to yield the highest level of success by ensuring maximum exposure across a full range of marketing platforms.

At Fraser we combine the best of digital know how along-side more traditional marketing tools (print/PR…). 
All have the same objective: generating leads and enquiries.



With unrivalled traffic to our corporate website (22% market share), we ensure each yacht is presented at  its very best.

The Fraser website is the highest ranking site on Google for hundreds of key yachting search terms, attracting over 4 million page views and generating over 600 enquiries for our different divisions every single year.

With our SEO optimisation strategy and analytics, we guarantee top ranked visibility. We analyse who is coming to our site and what they are looking for to be able to adapt out strategy accordingly.



In addition to our corporate website, our yachts are promoted on targeted industry and luxury websites, giving even greater visibility and  tapping into the global network of potential buyers/charterers.



Fraser’s social media performance is over 75% higher on average than other competitive brokerages. This is not just by chance.

Fraser uses the best platforms to reach potential charterer and buyers and yield the highest level of success.

We understand the mechanisms. Our profiling and targeting techniques on social media and creative campaigns  highlighting the Unique Selling Points of each yacht, drive traffic to the webpage of the yacht.

Our dedicated, in-house Digital Marketing Specialists are industry experts who bring years of experience to this often-overlooked field.

With 80K+ followers on Instagram alone, you can be assured that your yacht will be seen.



Fraser’s dedicated CRM comprises thousands of contacts, including industry contacts and, more importantly, existing and potential clients.

We have the ability to reach all of these contacts, or just a handful, at the push of a button.

Whether through e-flyers, newsletters or invitations, Fraser personalises and targets. 
Less is more.



Knowledge is key for successful marketing.

Fraser's Central Intelligence Department (CID) provides real-time  information and intelligence gathered from researching, processing, and analysing superyacht market data. 

This is communicated internally and to Fraser's clients and means we are agile – constantly adapting to the needs of the market.

Focused on delivering results, we report regularly  to Owners with a comprehensive summary of all marketing initiatives alongside in-depth analysis to ensure our efforts are proving successful.



Fraser publishes in-house luxury brochures and an annual Charter Portfolio, distributed to our client list, partners and at luxury events. Click to discover the e-version of our Charter Portfolio.

Selecting the most appropriate publications for your yacht is important and we only work with those that attract qualified clients. We target mainstream luxury platforms and marine press platforms.

Thanks to our close relationship with industry and luxury publications we are also able to organise editorial on your yacht and her unique features where relevant.



Present at over 50 high-profile yachting events in established and new markets around the world annually. These events attract UHNWI’s with the sole mission – to buy or charter a yacht.

Fraser also partners with a number of high profile and luxury international brands.

Through cross marketing we extend our reach to potential clients.

As active members of world renowned yachting associations, LYBRAMYBA, and ECPY, we gain access to present and promote our listings at industry-only events and Open Days across the globe.

In addition, Fraser attends and hosts luxury events around the world, working closely with our luxury brand partners. 
Whether it be hosting private events on board for their clients, or organising exclusive functions during major luxury events (Monaco Grand Prix, Cannes Film Festival, Rolex Monte Carlo Masters…). Each event is highly targeted to provide quality exclusive viewings of your yacht to Ultra-High Net Worth Individuals.







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