VIDEO MARKETING: getting your yacht not just seen, but wanted

Selling or chartering out your yacht? At Fraser we don’t just believe in attracting your perfect buyer or charter guests by getting your yacht known: we believe in getting it wanted.

And that means bringing her unique experience to life.

To that end, the Fraser in-house Marketing Team, the only one in the world to boast not one but two dedicated Yacht Marketing Strategists, create attention-grabbing videos for our yachts, strategised to showcase the individual strengths of every yacht.

Depending on your yacht’s unique characteristics and profile, our team will suggest a video package which could include:

  • VIDEO WALKTHROUGH: A detailed walkthrough with Fraser’s expert Brokers or Charter Managers, or with the yacht’s Captain: a virtual tour that brings every space to life

  • IN CONVERSATION WITH: In-depth interviews with key players discussing a yacht’s story, history and potential

  • LIFESTYLE VIDEO: Action-packed footage of the yacht and toys in full ‘guest mode’ showcasing exactly what future buyers or charterers can expect from their time on board

  • THE PERFECT MIX: A showcase of the crew’s unique added extra service skills in cocktail making. A new video series to showcase other crew skills is coming soon.


Click on each image to watch.

VIDEO WALKTHROUGH: a virtual tour that brings every space to life

Our most-watched walkthrough video ever at over 2.3 million views! Join Captain Nicholas Street for a tour of ACE, one of the most iconic yachts ever built.


Our full, and ever-expanding, collection of 50+ video walkthrough tours – Brokers and Captains give detailed tours and insights, the next best thing to being on board yourself.

IN CONVERSATION WITH: Interviews with a yacht's key players

Bringing together key players from the shipyard and design house behind ROBBIE BOBBY, as well as her Fraser Broker Jan-Jaap Minnema, we bring alive the story behind one of Fraser’s star yachts for sale and charter.


Lifestyle video

See the charter experience on board brand new 2021 launch K2 brought alive in this high-end luxury yacht video.

THE PERFECT MIX: A showcase of the crew’s unique added extra skills

WHEELS Chief Stewardess Liesl Botha takes us through how to make the perfect HOT WHEELS, the yacht’s signature cocktail.
For a personalised discussion on how Fraser Brokers, Charter Managers and Marketing Specialists get your yacht wanted, contact the Fraser Marketing Team via the button below.

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