26 January 2012

Discover New England on Luxury Yacht Charter in 2012

luxury yacht charter New England
The east coast of the United States is one of the premier yacht charter destinations in the world, with the quaint ports and towns of New England being particularly popular. It’s not difficult to see why. Here on the Atlantic coast you will find the yachting heart beat of Newport, idyllic and remote Block Island and the fashionable resort of Martha’s Vineyard, all within easy reach on any luxury yacht charter.
It’s common on any yacht charter in New England to start your cruising adventures in Newport, which serves as an excellent jumping-off place for other destinations. The town itself is a great place to visit for yachties, with the Museum of Yachting and the International Yacht Restoration School being of particular interest to those on a luxury yacht charter. Newport is also well known for its lavish mansions dating back to the late 19th century, and a walk around some of these impressive former homes is also highly recommended during a yacht charter in New England.

Most luxury yacht charters departing from Newport visit Block Island, a tiny drop in the Atlantic Ocean about 20 miles south east of Newport. Here you will find numerous golden beaches, some great fishing and a somewhat wild interior which is perfect to explore by bike. Even more remote is the island of Nantucket, another popular destination for those exploring the coast. This island boasts spectacular scenery and a high concentration of excellent restaurants which in itself is a great reason for visiting the island. Arguably the best known of the Massachusetts coastal islands is Martha’s Vineyard, a two hour trip from Newport. Many yacht charters make a bee line for this charming island as it is the place to be seen in the summer months. It’s a firm favourite with the great and good of America, including a long line of presidents such as Bill Clinton and the Obamas. For Fraser Yachts full portfolio of luxury yachts available for charter along the New England coastline please visit the website.