17 August 2011

Reserve the Best Seats in the House

For six sensational nights the skies above Cannes will erupt into colour again this year for the annual International Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique. And where better to watch the dazzling display of fireworks from than on board your super yacht charter, anchored in the Baie de Cannes. Invite friends on your luxury Riviera yacht charter and enjoy the festivities together like thousands of other have ever it started in 1967.
Indeed the festival, which takes place between July 14th and August 24th, is one of the biggest fireworks displays in the world and is highly recommended that you take the time on your super yacht charter to spend at least one night gazing into the sky with friends and a glass of something refreshing. The history of the Cannes Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique Cannes Festival d'Art Pyrotechnique
The first event took place in 1967 when the city of Cannes created a competition during which participants presented a complete firework display to music. The shows were set up on barges moored in the Baie de Cannes, and erupted into the sky to music. In 1998, the annual firework display took on a more serious nature when it became known as the International Festival d’Art Pyrotechnique, one of the most notable events in pyrotechnics across the world. Each week for six weeks entrants from different countries set off their displays to music in front of more than 200,000 spectators. Also closely watching is a jury of six who judge the displays for the quality of music, the synchronization, the colours and the rhythm of the show. Each show is completely unique and an unforgettable sight - not least because the colours of the fireworks are reflected in the calm waters off Cannes as if it were glass. The affect as you marvel from the deck of your Riviera yacht charter is quite spectacular. Each year, a trophy - the Silver Vestal - is awarded to the best show in the contest, which will this year include:
  • Thursday 14th July: Igual, Spain
  • Thursday 21st July: First Galaxy, Great Britain
  • Friday 29th July: Pyragric, France
  • Sunday 7th August: Macedo’s Pirotecnia, Portugal
  • Monday 15th August: Khan, Russia
  • Wednesday 24th August: Panzera, Italy