25 May 2012

The Monaco Grand Prix 2012 is Here!

Monaco Grand Prix 2012
The principality of Monaco is abuzz this week with the arrival of the Monaco Grand Prix 2012 to the realm.  With qualifications happening this Saturday and the actual race on Sunday the most exhilarating motor race is about to kick off the 2012 summer season with a bang.
And where better to watch the skilful Formula One drivers tear around the streets of the world’s second smallest country than from the deck of a luxury yacht charter, as many have chosen to do. A selection of our exclusive vessels used for luxury yacht charter are berthed in the Port Hercules, which sits at the base of the famous ‘Rock’ where Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco reside in the Prince’s Palace of Monaco. The Monaco Grand Prix, thought be many as one of the hardest on the Formula 1 circuit due to its sharp bends and a particularly challenging tunnel which is hard to manoeuvre because of the contrast between pitch black and bright sunlight, laps the port so it’s an ideal vantage point from which to view the race. In fact, the world’s fastest Formula One drivers will fly passed your yacht no less than 78 times over the course of the race, which covers a distance of more than 260km. The noise can be deafening at times, but there’s no better way to kick off a Mediterranean yacht charter than a weekend at the Monaco Grand Prix, without doubt the most glamorous event on the F1 calendar. Port Hercules is also the place to be seen once the cars have been put away for the night as the luxury yachts are transformed into the most magical venues for some of the best parties of the year. Unfortunately it is too late to book your luxury yacht for this year's Monaco Grand Prix, but it isn't too late to choose your vessel for a Mediterranean yacht charter this summer. Looking even further ahead we can help you arrange your visit to next year's Monaco Grand Prix.