Our Insider's Guide: 7 Helpful Tips To Getting The Most Out of The Yacht Shows

Whether you are new to yachting, or you haven't attended a show for some time, Yacht Shows are the perfect opportunity to witness a diverse array of yachts. This includes newbuilds and those recently introduced to the pre-owned market, all available for sale or charter. Additionally, you'll have the chance to explore the cutting-edge technologies within the industry, all thoughtfully showcased in a single, accessible venue.   

However, without some thoughtful pre-planning, these events can end up becoming a whirlwind of activities resulting in you leaving the Show with more questions and fewer answers.

To help ensure that you always get what you need from every Show you visit, we have consulted some of our sales and charter brokers around the world. They have shared valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help maximize your Yacht Show experience. 

We hope you enjoy.

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INSIDE TIP #1 – Your Broker is Your Best Asset

Attending a Yacht Show and relying on luck to secure some interesting visits is one approach. This can be a lot of fun - especially when it is all new to you.


However, ensuring private viewings on pre-selected yachts that align precisely with what you envision using  and enjoying is an entirely different experience.


And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the added-value of walking a Show with a Broker you trust and one who knows what you are looking for.

Their knowledge of the yachts that you may be interested in viewing is paramount. This encompasses the yachts; history, maintenance standards, notable upcoming costs, typical operating costs for you as the potential owner, and a whole lot more that goes beyond even the most thorough Google search.


As Fraser Broker Josh Gulbranson puts it, "a Broker is particularly important for facilitating your access to the yachts and real intelligence to ensure fair pricing".

Knowledge, insight and experience are invaluable in guiding you towards making the right decision for you.


Fraser Broker Alex Krukanyuk sums it up perfectly –  "Your Broker is here to save you time and money. If they're not, they shouldn't be your Broker." This holds especially true if you are considering building new.

There are many beautiful designs and drawings that will never see the light of day, simply because they are not based on technical know-how and deliverability. “ A good Broker working for an established house, will always be able to call upon the resources of their Project Management teams to review the General Arrangement, specifications, and a long list of other items,” explains Alex. “We are able to guide, and indeed negotiate with, the best placed yards for constructing your yacht on time and on budget.”

“Purchasing a yacht is not just about buying something you think looks great today…it needs to  be something which seems to have all the facilities you need, and ticks all the right boxes for you,” adds Fraser Director of Marketing & Business Development, Mark Duncan. “ It’s about making sure you feel exactly the same way throughout the whole time you own it.”


With an average of 24 years’ experience each in the sales and purchase of yachts worldwide and comprehensive market insights, technical know-how, and operational expertise - walking any Show with a Fraser Broker by your side provides  a profound sense of assurance. 


INSIDE TIP #2 – Good Prep. Great Result.

For those who are newcomers to the realm of yachting, your Broker can curate a tailored list of visits. These yachts will display a variety of styles, sizes, brands, and performance features, helping you refine your preferences and  spark your interest. 


Your Broker's skills really come into play when you have specific yachts in mind that you are interesting in visiting. 


But whatever your preferences, a little bit of pre-Show planning goes a very long way – whether you are considering purchasing or chartering.


Fraser Charter Broker, Tove Johnson, always advises her clients to  contact her well before the Shows. This proactive approach enables her to set up viewings in advance and avoids the risk of all the slots being taken.

In that same vein, Fraser Sales Broker, Anton Farber advises his clients to “create a list of requirements and yacht names that are of interest to you so your Broker can plan ahead so that you can enjoy your visits without the unnecessary hassle of queues and added waiting times.” 

Yacht visits always take longer than you think. You will always have questions you never thought to ask inspired by all that is there to see. For that reason, Fraser Broker Rémy Becquet highlights the importance of having a realistic agenda and sticking to it. “It is by far the best way to optimise the number of viewings you can have at the Show. And perfect for fitting in any meetings that you may find useful with designers or shipyards or captains. Or simply for relaxing over a cool drink and taking it all in.”


INSIDE TIP #3 – What You Wear Makes a Difference

Whilst our Brokers are not here to be the fashion police, their  "fashion tips" are quite resounding when it comes to Yacht Shows.  

Fraser Charter Broker, Nicola Breymaier, recommends “having comfortable and ‘easy to take off’ shoes to avoid messing around with fussy buckles or laces at the end of a passerelle.” 

Her colleague, Mirta Lupi, notes, “comfort is key because you will be doing a lot of walking. As you will be boarding a variety of yachts throughout the day, think of what style works best for you – flats or wedges for women usually works better than high heels.”  

Fraser US Charter Broker, Debra Blackburn, further recommends wearing “loose, cool clothing” and underlines that “for ladies, trousers are often best for climbing up and down those yacht stairs.”  


INSIDE TIP #4 – Make Your First Days Count

As you work with your Broker to plan your visits, consider packing more into the first few days of the show.  

The benefits are two-fold according to Fraser Sales Broker Marco Fodale: “all the players are fresher at the beginning of the Shows and clients get the added benefit of seeing the yachts early in the Show giving them more time to reflect and then re-visit later in the Show for a second viewing.”


INSIDE TIP #5 – Plan your agenda

There is a lot to see and discover during any Yacht Show and you want to make sure to visit all the yachts you are interested in. 

Working together with your Broker to plan your agenda, US Fraser Broker, Lon McCloskey always reminds his clients to KISS - “keep it simple stupid.” 
You will come across some disappointments – yachts you thought might be perfect and which turn out not to be.  As Lon adds: “Don’t overcomplicate every day, remember what you are looking for is going to be a joy for you and your family for a long time…so always keep that fresh positive mental attitude throughout.”

 Debra Blackburn suggests “make notes as you see each yacht and take photos of the unique aspects, as you won’t remember all these details later."

 During your visits, Alex Krykanyuk advises to “not start negotiating out of boat show emotions…take time to reflect…and don’t worry about missing an incredible opportunity if one comes up. Your broker will always make sure you are aware of such. And if you do decide to act – be ready to commit with a deposit.”


INSIDE TIP #6 – Be Ready to Grasp a Good Opportunity

Carrying on from Alex’s point above, with such increased and record demand for yachts and yachting today, heeding Mirta Lupi's comment could be well recommended: “don’t forget to bring a cheque for those on the spot offers you and your broker agree shouldn’t be left on the table for somebody else.” 

INSIDE TIP #7 – The Best is Still to Come.

Whilst Yacht Shows offer up the wonderful opportunity to see so much in one place, normally in some of the most sought-after coastal locations in the world, they can be (and often are) overwhelming. 

Marco Fodale notes, “whilst any Show is the best opportunity to see as much as possible in one place at one time, it can be very useful to follow-up with a private visit after the show to have more time to make your choice and make sure the feeling is right.” 

Taking time for visits after the Show is also a great opportunity to see more yachts in the area.

Ultimately,  Shows should be fun, informative, enriching, and help you get closer to the yacht of your dreams. And once you finally get on board with your family and friends and head out to sea…that is when the magic starts to happen.



Wherever you are on your journey today, you can count on your Fraser Broker to ensure your time at Yacht Shows is well spent.


Are you ready for your next Show?


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