Columbus Yachts

Part of the Palumbo brand of shipyards, which also encompasses ISA Yachts and Extra Yachts, Columbus was created in 2008. Utilising the facilities and services of the group’s facilities in Ancona and Savona, its semi-custom yachts are offered in 4 ranges, with full custom also available.



Building hulls in both steel and aluminium, Columbus offers a range of semi-custom models from 37M/121’-120M/393’ in length. The yard launched its first yacht, 54M/177’ PRIMA, in 2011. 2019 saw the yard’s entry into the larger superyacht sector with the launch of 80M/262’ DRAGON, while recent launches include the first two yachts in the 43M Atlantique line, FRETTE and NIGHT FURY II, and the custom 50M/164’ ANJELIF.


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Available in 4 models at 37M/121’, 43M/141’, 47M, 55M/180’ and 65M/215’, the Atlantique line is designed by Milan studio Hot Lab, under a philosophy of ‘Architecture for Voyagers’. While the entry level yacht in this range has a compact 299GT that optimises smaller volumes, the 55M is designed for those Owners seeking a 900GT vessel with sustainability credentials and the 65M features an expansive beach club.



Available in 43M/141’, 50M/164’, 50M FLY and 67M/218’, with the 43 and 50M models in aluminium and the 67M in steel, this range is designed for speed, with top speeds ranging from 18.5-21.5 knots. All models are designed by Luci Dini, with the largest offering a touch-and-go helipad and two swimming pools.





This range, designed by Hydro Tec, features steel-hulled vessels with traditional Italian design and classic proportions. In 50M/163’, 80M/262’, 100M/327’ and 120M/393’, it is the shpiyard’s largest range, each model designed for exceptional seaworthiness and offering large volumes. The 120M features a waterfall-effecr pool and accomodaiton for 22 guests, plus a 260sqm Owner’s suite.




Designed by Hydro Tec, the Crossover range is the yard’s explorer series, available in 3 sizes, 42M/139’, 51M and 57M/187’. All are designed for autonomous cruising and to accommodate large tenders on board.


K2, part of the Fraser charter fleet, combines sportiness with elegance and offers significantly minimized noise and vibration, with a reduced draft for Bahamas cruising and low fuel consumption.


ANJELIF, the 2023-launched all-aluminium vessel, is the yard’s first custom yacht, featuring hybrid, diesel-electric propulsion and an innovative airstream system to eliminate bacteria. The yacht offers a swimming pool in the transom, touch-and-go heli-platform which convierts to an outdoor cinema, sauna and massage room.


Italian build quality and a strong reputation as part of the Palumbo group of shipyards means Columbus benefits from shared knowledge and experience, whether they choose custom or semi-custom builds. Its expertise in semi-custom vessels can mean reduced delivery times.


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