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Kleven has enjoyed a strong presence in the shipping industry for many years. A family run company, the core values of the shipyard include tradition, hard work, and constant improvement on methods and processes. With a focus on modernisation, the shipyard invests in new technology, facilities and expertise to ensure that they remain a key player in the shipbuilding market. Based in Norway, Kleven Verft specialises in building true exploration yachts, and its facility is well equipped for early outfitting and assembling hulls. The yard have a modular approach to building, with each module constructed on the slipway which the yard claims provides more control and speeds up the process.


With a longstanding history in shipbuilding Kleven Verft has much experience in the construction of extremely seaworthy large yachts. Their modular building method allows them more control, improving quality and delivery times. Kleven Verft says that by working with open modules, installing equipment is safer, easier and quicker to control. The yard has recently invested in automation and robotisation for hull construction, which has allowed them to backsource a larger part of the whole construction process to Norway. Proud to have a background and long tradition in shipbuilding, the yard also emphasises the forward focused approach, always improving on processes to be as efficient and reliable as possible.

Featured Yachts by KLEVEN VERFT Yachts

Kleven Verft vessels are true exploration yachts, and fall into the upper echalons of exclusivity due to their size and specifications. One such example of a Kleven Verft yacht, that is privately used as a luxury superyacht, is the 107m ULYSSES.  ULYSSES is a striking, serious explorer yacht with plenty of special features. Built for expedition cruising, she is ice classed and has an impressive range of 8,500 nautical miles. ULYSSES is classified as a passenger yacht and features a swimming pool, a certified helideck, a tender and car garage and many more special features. ULYSSES is a spectacular yacht to behold and offers up the freedom to explore the world.