Yachts for Sale with Sports Courts

Once, the idea of a yacht for sale with a basketball court or squash court would have seemed like science fiction, but today a large yacht with sport court is a reality.

Fraser is the world’s leading yacht brokerage for large yacht sales, ensuring they are the perfect brokerage partner if you are seeking to buy a yacht for sale with a sports court.

Buy a yacht with sport court

Imagine playing basketball on the deck of a large superyacht or heading down into the yacht’s lower level for a game of squash in the gym. The very large yachts of today allow for basketball, tennis and squash courts on board, as well as areas for badminton, baseball, and golf. Yacht gyms are becoming increasingly large and sophisticated, while large yachts also have extensive spa areas for that important after-workout massage.

A clever use of space

As always on yachts, space is used wisely and helicopter landing pads and hangars have become dual-purpose sports courts, generally with netting around to catch that wayward ball. And when you’ve won the game, you can cool off with a dive into the sea just a few steps away. A yacht with a sports court is the ultimate yachting indulgence, while also a savvy addition to attract the younger charter market.

About Fraser

Fraser brings over 70 years of yacht brokerage experience to the table and has a sales fleet that spans the globe. With market leadership in large yacht sales and offices around the world, Fraser is perfectly positioned to source you the perfect yacht for sale with a sports court.
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