07 December 2011

A Gastro Guide to the Seychelles

yacht charter Seychelles
A yacht charter in the Seychelles is a magical experience – a winning combination of beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of fresh fruit and seafood which makes dining a five-star event every meal of the day.
Typical Seychelles cuisine – which can be enjoyed either on board your charter yacht or in any one of the many wonderful restaurants the islands boast – is an eclectic mix of French, Indian and Oriental delicacies assured to blow your tastes buds away. Many of the dishes you will see on your yacht charter Seychelles will consist of the delicious fresh seafood that is caught daily in the waters surrounding the islands. Grilled fish and octopus basted with sauces packed with chillies, ginger and garlic are particularly popular, as are curries with coconut milk. Here are a few of the national favourites to be enjoyed on a yacht charter in the Seychelles:
  • Delicious fish dishes such as tuna steaks in garlic butter, and deep-fried parrot fish served with a spicy tomato Creole sauce are very popular. Why not try during your Seychelles yacht charter a local specialty of shark "chutney" - stir fried and seasoned with onions, herbs and the savory bilimbi fruit?
  • Octopus, or zourit is one of the Seychelles' chief delicacies, and needs to be cooked carefully till it is tender and can be chopped into a cold seafood cocktail or added to a hot creamy coconut curry.
  • Tic tecs are tiny white shellfish mixed with pumpkin and turned into soup.
  • Sea snails: are another delicacy to experience on charter yachts. They are normally served in their green-and-white shells and stuffed with their diced meat and plenty of herbs and garlic.
  • Birds' eggs: are also hugely popular, served usually hard-boiled or as an omelette.
  • Curried fruit bat:  is another typical Seychelles' delicacy which tastes a little like rabbit.
  • Breadfruit:  is a green fruit which grows in trees in the Seychelles. Ask the chef on your charter yachts to cut it up as matchstick chips or barbecued it on deck.
  • Jamalc: is a delicious smooth-skinned fruit which is shaped like a cone. It takes a bit like an apple – although even more delicious according to locals.