28 October 2011

A Guide to Super Yacht Charter in the ABC Islands

Caribbean yacht charter
The ABC Islands are a small archipelago in the Caribbean Sea which remains one of the best hidden secrets in the ever-expanding world of superyacht charter. Consisting of Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao and the islands that lie off the coast of Venezuela all of which lie in crystal clear waters just waiting to be explored. They make up part of the Lesser Antilles, and used to belong to the Netherlands Antilles, which explains their strong tie to the European country still today.
The ABC islands have much to offer Caribbean yacht charter guests, not least a wonderful climate, stunning scenery and a tranquillity that is second-to-none. Temperatures hover between 25-30C all year round, with little rain fall and plenty of sunshine. On top of this, Aruba was officially named as the safest place to embark on a superyacht charter in a recent survey on yacht crime, while all three islands enjoy the bonus of falling outside the hurricane belt.
Whilst there is little threat of a hurricane whilst visiting the ABC Islands, the winds that swirl around the islands are such that all three are hugely popular amongst professional and amateur windsurfers, kite-surfers and sailors. Superyacht charter guests sailing around Aruba in July can watch the sheer power of the elements during the Hi-Winds Amateur World Challenge windsurfing and kite-surfing tournament. Meanwhile Bonaire and Curacao are both ranked among the top dive sites in the world.  Bonaire boasts an extensive marine park in which there are a number of spectacular dives whilst the former Dutch colony of Curacao boasts the Hato Caves, a series of limestone grottos that were formed millions of years ago. Curacao is the largest of the ABC Islands and perhaps the best equipped for Caribbean yacht charter, although the neighbouring islands of Aruba and Bonaire are keen to develop their superyacht charter facilities to compete with it. For further information on superyachts available for Caribbean yacht charter please visit Fraser Yachts main website.