19 December 2022

M/Y VICTORIOUS' Crew Rescue 5 Sailors in Mid-Atlantic

Five sailors rescued in the Mid-Atlantic by 85M M/Y VICTORIOUS on her way to the Caribbean.

After 16 hours of search and rescue, the survivors of a capsized 15M catamaran, 500 miles from land, were found by the VICTORIOUS crew who managed to get them safely onboard. The yacht then travelled to Saint Martin, where survivors were transported safely to medical care and back to their loved ones.

Emily Grassby, Chief Officer on VICTORIOUS, shared on LinkedIn, "I am so incredibly proud of the crew I am blessed to work with for their part in making this a success story. Everyone did their duty. This will have a lifelong positive impact on me and puts into perspective what’s important." 

On behalf of the Fraser Emergency Response Team, we would like to extend our sincerest congratulations to Captain Petar Milkov, the fantastic crew onboard VICTORIOUS and the Antilles-Guyana Regional Operational Surveillance and Rescue Center (CROSS AG). Saving lives at sea is one of the most laudable acts any member of the seafaring community can ever hope to be involved in. Our thanks and best wishes to all. 

85m (278ft)
24 in 12 cabins
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