Inace Yachts

Located in Fortalza, Brazil, Inace have been building and repairing yachts since the 1960s. The company is considered a medium-sized shipyard leader with steel and aluminium superyachts construction in Latin America, and also contains a private shipyard building warships.

Inace was the first aluminium shipbuilding company in Brazil, and for the last 15 years has been the leader for tonnage processed. It has constructed, converted and repaired over 1,000 various ship types, and has created an impressive reputation in commercial repair and construction, in addition to leading luxury yacht construction and private military ship construction in Brazil.

Why Buy an Inace yacht

To achieve Navy and luxury yacht standards, Inace has invested heavily into Computer Assisted Design (CAD) capabilities, and computer systems that are able to support ship production, production equipment and tooling. With an in-house team of estimators, naval architects, engineers, designers and draftsmen, Inace has the backup to produce top vessels.
Known as one of the largest producers of top Navy, fishing, commercial and pleasure vessels in Brazil Inace Yachts are renowned for their sturdiness and long service life.

Inace yachts for sale

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Inace, yachts for sale
34m (111ft)
2007 / 2023 (refitted)
10 in 5 cabins