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Regatta Yachts

When you own a regatta yacht, you have the opportunity to not only enjoy incredible holidays on the water, but also the option of winning trophies and participating in all the fun-filled social aspects at regattas across the world. 

A regatta yacht offers speed, elegance, and style, married with state-of-the-art sailing technology and all the comforts you would find on a traditional motor yacht.

Whether you choose to take the helm yourself, or leave it to an experienced crew, a regatta yacht promises memories that will last a lifetime.

Fraser offers an exquisite selection of yachts for regattas, including performance cruising sailing boats built by some of the world’s most eminent shipbuilders. If you are seeking a regatta yacht that boasts incredible sailing yacht performance, then explore our selection of sailing yachts for sale, or contact one of our yacht sales brokers today.
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