Yachts for Sale with Wine Cellar

fraser yachts for sale with wine cellar
For the true wine connoisseur considering buying a superyacht, a yacht with a wine cellar is not just an indulgence, it is a necessity. As the world’s leading luxury yacht brokerage, Fraser has an impressive range of yachts for sale with wine cellar storage systems.

For your Drinking Pleasure

Unless stored correctly, wine can suffer from heat variations and wave movement at sea. A wine cellar ensures that your wine is kept in a dedicated climate-controlled environment and maintained in optimum condition for your drinking pleasure. A wine cellar allows you to keep a vast selection of wine on board that matches both your tastes and that of your guests.

Wine Storage as Art

The visual impact of a wine cellar on a superyacht is dramatic. Whether you buy a yacht for sale with a wood-panelled wine cellar, a floor-to-ceiling glass cabinet, or a modern tasting room, your wine display becomes a focal point in your yacht’s interior design. A wine cellar is still somewhat rare on superyachts, making this a doubly attractive feature for those owners planning to charter out their yacht or sell it in the future.

Matching Food and Wine

To complete the fine dining experience on board, a yacht for sale with wine cellar and extensive wine list allows you and your guests to browse the cellar to select the wine that perfectly matches the evening’s gourmet meal, prepared by your own yacht chef. Your professional interior crew will probably have also undertaken specialised wine training to confidently make food and wine pairings, decide service temperature, decant older vintages and other skilled techniques.

About Fraser

With 70 years of yacht brokerage experience and unparalleled success in yacht sales, Fraser is the obvious partner when looking for yachts for sale with wine cellar storage systems.
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54m (177ft)
1952 / 2005 (refitted)
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